Kaja Clara Joo

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2021: Latex, steel, sand, motors, pedestal, analogue emulsion on aluminium
Public kinetic installation

In the kinetic installation ARTE FACTUM natural historical myths encounter a performative matter that wants to be perceived as an autonomous unit.

During the MQ ART BOX exhibition the sculpture, which was made entirely with latex, was under constant exposure to the surrounding light. Due to its light- sensitive characteristics the material turned darker and more porous as time went by. Eighthundred and fifty strands that have been poured into the surface were simultaneously drawing into the sand beneath. The installation moved in waves through programmed motors.

Based on the theories and stories by the Swedish natural scientist Carl von Linné the viewer is confronted with a staged scenario of an amorphous being: »Non crescent, non vivet, non sentinunt (it doesn’t grow, it doesn’t live, it doesn’t feel!)!«

After showcasing the kinetic sculpture at the MQ ARTBOX it was draped into a new installation at the Sotheby´s in Vienna.

The kinetic sculpture was created in close artistic and technical collaboration with
↪ Christoph Freidhöfer from Kunst- und Räderwerk.