Kaja Clara Joo

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Murmur´s Hidden Spot

2019: Analogue photoemulsion on glass, lighting box, passepartouts, bookcase
Analogue photographic methods as artist book

Ten glass plates with destroyed photoemulsion on them. It originally was a picture of a meadow surface. They can be stacked on top of eatch other to form a three- dimensional sculpture. A layer of photo emulsion was finely applied onto a glass plate. Since the glass surface is slippery this emulsion just washes off during the development process. The photograph is now freely floating in the chemicals. I (desperately) try to carefully fish them back onto the glass plate. The process of creating a pixcture this way stays unique and not repeatable- every sujet only shows its final form after hours and days of drying.

This process leaves me exhausted and angry. I mumble and murmur a few cursing words every time I repeat this  maneuver. I am left with 10 „failures“ that cannot be reproduced. By stcking them over a lightbox I create a three- dimensional sculpture. The more plates I stackle the darker it gets. It is like digging through dense soil. I wonder what creature awaits me once I dig deep enough.