Kaja Clara Joo

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Die Beschaeftigte

2018: Pigmentprint in frame behind glass
124 x 124 cm

What role does the artists working place retain as a non-public space in the face of its medial representation? The studio appears to be a place of radical „otherness“: due to its high degree of individualization it represents an utopian contrast to the normalization of jobs in the working world of our postindustrial economic society.

Inspired by Robert Fleck‘s essay of „the myth of the artist studio“ I staged myself in a fake working environment: alienesque and unreal, performing strange activities while working preferably at night. The photograph „Die Beschäftigte“ shows the „artist during the process of creating art“, or at least the way her friends imagine it. The index finger is a reference to what was created in the end: a sculpture.

Excerpt from a 2018 whatsapp conversation:
A: „What are you doing?“
K: „I´ve been making fingers. 3000 so far.“
A: „Is this art?“
K: „Yes.“