Kaja Clara Joo

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Video Sculpture: ︎   |    Video Movie: ︎    |    Press: ︎   |    Text: ︎

2022: Tractor tire, steel, latex, motors, water, artist book, 6-channel video installation
The show consists of a kinetic installation, a written play and a 6-channel video installation.

In the exhibition project GONZO the fear of one‘s own death, anthropomorphic handlings of machines and a longing for a lethal risk are mixed up. At the center of this narrative is the fictional character Gonzo who has a phobia of vertical lines since his birth. He has dedicated his life to his motorcycle since then as it symbolizes the utopia of a horizontal ideology: that elicited feeling of absolute autonomy and self- determination as one speeds towards the horizon. When Gonzo is involved in an accident one day his entire worldview is being shaken up.

The show shows fragments of autobiographical moments, which accumulate into a dense and confusing compound of sequences racing by the viewer. Explorations of constructed virile archetypes. A desire for lethal danger and the role of the gazing audience as an omnipresent being.  

The kinetic sculpture was created in close artistic and technical collaboration with ↪ Christoph Freidhöfer from Kunst- und Räderwerk.