Kaja Clara Joo

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Swarm Orchestra
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2019: Analogue photoemulsion on wool, servo- motors, aluminium
Kinetic installation

A moving corpus floats in the room. It contiguously moves and stretches due to four engines. The behavior pattern is inspired by cricket swarms and has a programmed algorithm that alternates in resting and moving phases. It´s single pieces consist of  analogue photoprints on wool- they depict the resting and running phases of cricket swarms. By putting them through different light- and temperature- conditions I was able to capture different patterns of their movement without fully being able to control them.

I mirrored their unpredictable tactile behaviour and sounds by installing servo engines on an aluminium frame. The program switches between resting and pulling motions, creating a random and anonymous being.

The sculpture was made in technical cooperation with ↪ Robert Mathy