Kaja Clara Joo

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The Tongue Is Blind
Video Trailer: ︎    |  Video Movie: ︎     |    Press: ︎   |   Text: ︎

2022: Latex, steel, carabiner, metall strings, video-installation, 
Site- specific Installation

On the edge of discomfort, futile machines and a kiss with a mouthful of breadcrumbs: The Tongue is Blind examines the notions of spatiality, intimacy and hidden narratives.

Inspired by historic dental braces she will stage a site- specific apparatus out of a couple hundred steel strings and rubber for the Parallel Art Fair in a former birth clinic. It’s limbs seem to pull at every corner of the small, narrow space in an attempt to expand the room. In the midst of this tense construction we find a movie being installed on top of a massive, vertical steel pole. A poem written solely by using proverbs about the mouth area paints a picture of a poor artist that was left by his uper- class- rich girlfriend.

In the tightness of their surrounding the visitor is confronted with questions of socially produced spaces, gestures of beauty and power as well as atrocious kisses shared with strangers.